So you’ve decided to startup and are bubbling with a bunch of ideas, not sure if it works, how to validate?
You’re in the right place.

World Vision Softek is a Full-service IT Business Solutions Company advising startups in Technology, Marketing Strategy areas of Business.

Validating your ideas –

  1. Write down your idea brief
  2. Create a mindmap / flowchart
  3. Create use cases – how your product / solution would be used by prospective buyers?
  4. Know your customers – Who are your customers and why they will buy it from you?
  5. Create a wireframe / non-functional prototype
  6. Are you convinced and confident about the product idea still?
  7. Take the prototype to few potential customers  (preferably known ones) and get critical review
  8. Talk to the right Technology Solutions Partner (like World Vision Softek) and improvise on prototype
  9. Test the prototype (Quick & Dirty model) with closed group of users
  10. Now you’re confident enough to take the idea to execution phase
  11. Sign up with World Vision Softek as the Solutions Partner and get high quality Outsourced Software Product Development done.
  12. Go to market with the final product and win clients 🙂
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